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Times of Service

Sunday - 9:30 Bible Class
Sunday - 10:30 Worship
Sunday - 6:00 Worship
Wednesday - 7:00 Bible Class

2015 Fall Gospel Meeting - Downloads

Stan Adams
Newton church of Christ, Newton, NC

  audio     slides  
How to Reach Lost Souls mp3
How to Be Poor, Persecuted, Hungry and Thirsty - And Love Every Minute of It mp3
Walking Through the Seas of Life mp3
The Works of the Flesh Are These mp3
What Must I Do to Be Saved? mp3
The Home that Pleases God mp3
The One True Church mp3
The Prodigal Son mp3

K. Braddock
2015 Spring Gospel Meeting - Downloads

Tim E. Stevens
Shiloh church of Christ, Mexia, TX

  audio     slides  
The Nature of Sin mp3
Give Me Thy Heart mp3 pptx
You Never Mentioned Him to Me mp3 pptx
Things that are Essential mp3 pptx
God's Plumb Line mp3 pptx
Homes Built on Rock mp3 pptx
Are You Hindering Your Prayers? mp3 pptx
Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves mp3 pptx

K. Braddock
2014 Fall Gospel Meeting - Downloads

Chip Foster
Old Granbury Road church of Christ, Granbury, TX

  audio     slides  
An Example from Esther - Standing for Truth mp3 pptx
The Threefold Ministry of Christ mp3 pptx
Sources of Religious Authority mp3 pptx
Why I Wear the Name Christian mp3
20th Century History of the Lord's Church in America Part 1 pptx
Part 2
Salvation and the Man from Ethiopia mp3 pptx
Walk in Newness of Life mp3 pptx

K. Braddock
2014 Spring Gospel Meeting - Downloads

Steve Locklair
Woodmont church of Christ, Fort Worth, TX

  audio     slides  
Give No Place to the Devil mp3 pptx
Being Who God Wants You to Be mp3 pptx
...in Evangelism - Send Someone Else! mp3 pptx
...in Desires - I Want it Now! mp3 pptx
...in Vows - Can a Man Divorce His Wife for Any Reason? mp3 pptx
...in Attitude Towards Others - Have You Had Any Lemons Lately? mp3 pptx
...in Trust of God's Plans - Why Did the Walls of Jericho Fall? mp3 pptx
...in Attitude Towards Self - Down in the Dumps mp3

K. Braddock